Employers and Public Liability Insurance

An essential part of your Business Insurance cover.

Demosure offers a range of Liability Insurance options

We specialise in arranging Liability Insurance cover for the Demolition and Remediation sector. If you are an involved with Demolition, Soft Strip, Groundworks or Asbestos Removal and require Liability Insurance for your business, we can tailor specialist policies to meet your own requirements.

The following covers are provided either as standard or as options:

Public Liability insurance
Employers Liability insurance
Directors Liability insurance
We work with many of the UK’s specialist Demolition sector Insurers to bring you the right Liability insurance cover and we may also offer monthly payments to spread the cost of your business insurance.

Why do I need Liability Insurance?

Specialist cover from a range of Insurers, we can cover your Public Liability requirements with a variety of cover levels, from £1million to £20million or more if required
Employers Liability also available if you employ Clerical or Manual workers, to fulfil your legal requirements
Directors Liability cover, often overlooked but hugely important, can be arranged to protect Directors own assets in the event of a HSE prosecution or legal action against them by Employees, Creditors or other stakeholders.

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